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Anomalie Art Gallery is a space giving visibility to artists from all over the world. 

This gallery is at the crossroads between a techno club and the restaurant LaMifa. An atypical space, where artists and visitors can connect and bring together their passion for art. 




JUNE 2019

People found him a humanitarian but with a great sense of realism and a structured way of thinking and analyzing. His art had an outspoken social message in the 60 -70s. Being from a 3rd world country and a person of colour, he saw the world from this perspective and the issue of poverty and oppression never left him. 

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Feryel atek

June 2019

Feryel is a french artist based in Berlin since six years, her exhibition will show a serie of her latest paintings, drawings and prints.
Her work is about the hidden spaces of the human mind and body. The power of the human figure that she uses as much as an aesthetic pattern as a mysthical, existential resprentation.